The main Attraction of the Island

The picturesque port of Korissia with its whitewashed houses and the colorful roofs, the enamel factory, the winding cobbled alleys and scenic churches. The landmark of the place is the brick chimney of the old enamel factory, the biggest one in the Mediterranean. Korissia boasts a picturesque small harbor with caiques and fishing boats, many accommodation options, restaurants, cafes, mini-markets, and shops. Walk through it and feel the vibes of Kea at their most.


You Can Actually Revive the Past

The most important of the 4 city states of Kea in ancient times with the Dorian temple of Athena, the temple of Pithiou Apollo, the temple of Asklipios and the ancient theater. The itinerary itself is an attraction as the rich flora and fauna of the island unfold before the visitor’s eyes while he enters the ancient grounds and sees in the background the endless sea. The temple of Athena is on the north side of the ancient settlement, while the temple of Apollo is to the south. In the same valley, the valley of Vathipotamos, the ancient theatre was discovered and a part of the ancient irrigation system.