A Real Gem

The theatre is a unique treasure to Ios island and hosts numerous cultural events nowadays. If you’ve had enough of bar-hopping, this open-air amphitheatric venue will enchant you. Set on the hilltop in Chora, every summer it hosts many cultural events, while it offers magnificent views of the island and the Aegean Sea. It is named after the Nobel Prize winner Greek poet. The Theatre is an open Ancient Greek type theatre designed by the architect Peter Haupt, who apart from being a professor of Architecture at the University of Berlin, was a worshiper of Ios and an honorary citizen.


A Unique Experience

Ios is renowned for its relationship with the great epic poet Homer. According to Herodotus, Ios was the home of Homer mother Clymene and the burial place for Homer. Tradition also tells us that Homer was buried on the island. There is, in fact, a ruin at Plakoto, which is called Homer's tomb. Chora, the capital of the island stands near the site of the ancient city of Ios. The area where the tomb of Homer is located offers a unique view. You will go there through a marked path (10 minutes) and on the route, you will find a roofed gazebo for relaxation and contemplation. Around the area, there are stone buildings of the cattle breeders. The deserted settlement of Plakoto is located near the tomb of Homer.


History of Greece

You can visit Skarkos Hill, which is Ios Island’s largest Bronze Age archeological excavation site. The site is important to visit if you want to learn about the history of Ios Island.
You will learn about the structure of the settlement or discover the ancient burial customs that employed. By visiting Skarkos, you get in touch with the history of Greece and have a feel of ancient lifestyles of its people. Visiting Skarkos is home to sites that interest both the avid explorer and those traveling in a more relaxed manner.


43 Different Beaches

Ios is one of the smallest yet famous and favorable island destinations in the Aegean Sea. Discover all the things that make Ios unique and a place to visit and spend your holidays.
You will find many lovely beaches on the island of Ios in Greece. This is a small island but it has around 43 different beaches. Some are long and full of tourists. Others are small, hard to reach and often deserted so that you can have the beach all to yourself, even at the peak of the season. They are the perfect place to relax after a long night of a party in Ios village.